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ATM Electronics - as a service provider - feels obliged to meet with the customers' requirements in every respect.

ATM Electronics, as a middle-sized, independent private company, is a complete service provider in the area of assembly of electronic printed circuits, mounting of units, racks and "boxbuilding", as well as electrical testing according to customers' specifications and customers' orders.

"Customer focus" is our first priority and "customers' satisfaction" our highest aim.


Our company adopted its name in 2001. This change is done because of joining forces and experience between people coming from companies manufacturing and distributing electrical and mechanical products and AlSnet Ltd established in 1997 for development of specialized software and computer technologies.

With this merging our objective is to deliver top quality products, superior service, on time delivery at competitive costs to meet the electronic manufacturing, engineering and product needs of our customers.

Company's locations:

ATM Electronics has its head office in Sofia and a branch in Petrich.The advantage of Sofia is the nearness of the airport as well as of all important institutions for managing a company. For Petrich lower labour costs and the availability of staff and premises are beneficial.

Company size/Employees:

ATM Electronics has - in both locations - approx. 80 employees. The qualification of the employees starts with unskilled support staff over skilled workers up to degreed engineers.

Periodically all staff go trough different type of training to increase qualification and skill. The quality is priority task of the company.

Cost structure/Organization:

ATM Electronics has a lean organization and by far lower labour costs in comparison to Western Europe. The biggest customer's advantage is the use of manual operations, e.g. manual assembly, mounting works and testing of high-quality products. The costs of the automated activities are nearly the same as in Western Europe.

Equipment/Machine Park:

ATM Electronics owns the following equipment:

Special strengths:

ATM Electronics concentrates on the manufacturing of units and PCBs in mixed assembly (SMD, THT and other components and mechanical parts).The size of printed circuits should be between 50mm x 50mm and 380mm x 540mm with medium complexity, i.e. approx. 1,000 components and 200 different types per board.Technologies specified by the customer can be taken over after mutual agreement.

Lots/Repeated orders:

ATM Electronics has its focus on the manufacturing of medium and big lots. Repetition of orders in this respect should ensure stable production processes. (100-30,000 pcs./month).The manufacturing of single devices in small quantities is not the aim of ATM Electronics.

Material procurement/Stock:

Material procurement is performed by an experienced distributor inGermany. Material handling for the production is done by ATMElectronics.

Documentation/Manufacturing documents:

ATM Electronics works exclusively according to customers' documentations and customers' specifications. A close coordination of customers' needs and the production requirements is granted.